Friday, March 30, 2018

CP Rail 4128, 4566

CP Rail F9 locos 4128 and 4566 pose side by side at Kenton Yard. They periodically show up on the interchange runs coming in from the north. 

The Bachmann F9 is a "standardized" loco on the layout, due to wide availability, low cost, and ease of maintenance. These retain their stock pancake motors, and have been painted and decaled, and constant-intensity LED headlights added.

Western Pacific 17653

Western Pacific 17653 is looking dry and dusty, and a long way from home rails on this late afternoon. Train 63, the Merchant Express, is creeping down the 3% grade from Cascade to Kenton Junction with brakes squealing. This train had two F7As back to back on the point. The crew will be keeping their eyes open, as a known hobo camp is just ahead at the next curve, and the slow moving train is a tempting target for a free ride into Kenton - especially when the crew is facing the low setting sun.

17653 is a rebuilt and repainted Tyco.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Caboose 975

Cape Ann caboose 975 in the Phase 2 paint scheme. This style caboose is usually used on transfer runs between yards. Cabooses are required on all Cape Ann trains except for local freight 61/62, the Kenton Turn - which usually has a small consist and the presence of a caboose complicates switching moves.

Caboose 978

Cape Ann caboose 978, in the current Phase 2 paint scheme. This style caboose is generally used on the longer interchange runs, and any run up through Cascade Pass.

Caboose 907

Cape Ann Caboose 907, still wearing the Phase 1 paint scheme. Like all non-revenue equipment, it carries a road number in the 900 series.

Conrail 493048

Conrail 493048, a Thrall-door boxcar, is spotted at Precision Tool Corporation in Marias Industrial Park. 

This is a Life-Life, originally Illinois Terminal. It has had a repaint and decal job, and some light weathering.

Alco 1000 273

Alco 1000 273 is seen parked outside the Bolton Maintenance Facility. The blue lanterns indicate it is being serviced and cannot be moved. Cape Ann's switchers tend to just be renumbered over their existing paint job, since they are considered not as visible as road engines. It may eventually get repainted in Cape Ann colors, but then again it may not.

This is an AHM. The odd road number indicates it is unpowered, so it is just here for scenic effect.