Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MEC in the hole at Pamola

Here we see the Maine Central interchange run just clearing the signals at Pamola siding. This is a runaround siding, so next the loco will cut off, run around the train, grab the caboose, and head back the way it came.

MEC caboose 5036 is a Tyco, from my original train set when I was kid, so it is about 50 years old now. It was originally silver and lettered for Southern Pacific. Here is an article on how it was upgraded. Here is an article on how the block signals were scratchbuilt.

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  1. The body putty works great. It’s best kept secret in modeling. Always read of “fill with scrap styrene and sand”. Takes too long. This stuff great, paintable. Minimal shrink. Be patient and refill day later. Used it since built my Vader Costume decade ago. Bought a Rubies Supreme and took the effort to modify and make more “screen accurate”.