Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pemco SD35 #950

Here is a Pemco SD35 which keeps its original Burlington Northern road number 950. The number happened to fit the numbering scheme: 900's are all non-revenue, and this will be assigned to heavy work trains. Also all even numbers are powered units.

So all that remained was some patch paint and a Cape Ann logo.

GP18AA #600

Here is a fantasy GP-18AA, made from two AHM GP-18 shells spliced onto one unmodified chassis. Now it is put to work as a double ended yard switcher.

New Conrail power: 2107 and 3976

Two eBay finds: Both Life-Life GP38-2 units. One was Conrail 7940, which has been renumbered to 3976. The other was a Santa Fe, which has been repainted for a patched Penn Central 2107. 

Both units are only 2-axle power pickup. Since the layout's turnout frogs are not powered, this can lead to stalls. So these two units are now permanently wired together in parallel to share electrical pickups. Now they are immune to stalls.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

866 arrives from the UP

GP40 866 was recently acquired from the Union Pacific, and was placed into service immediately. There was no time for a trip to the paint shop, so the UP name was painted over and CAPE ANN quickly applied. It retains the original 866 road number, as that number was not in use on the Cape Ann anyway.

Amtrak Downeaster at Kenton

The Amtrak Downeaster operates between Brunswick, ME and Boston MA, in push-pull configuration. There is a conventional locomotive on one end. There is a “cabbage” (control/baggage) car on the other end, which is a FP40 body with the prime mover removed, and replaced with a rollup door to serve as a baggage car. 

The model Amtrak Downeaster is seen here on the Cape Ann. Like the prototype, it operates in push-pull.  FP40 229 is the powered loco, and dummy FP40 381 on the other end has been converted to a cabbage car by adding the rollup door on one side. Wires run between 229 and all other cars to light the passenger cars, and the lighting on 381. Each loco is also equipped with a red marker between the number boards, lit when the unit is trailing. 

FP45's on The Acadian

Rail fans line the footbridge at Kimball’s Campground to catch a view of Cape Ann FP45’s 400 and 404 coming around the curve at Cascade with The Acadian in tow. The footbridge allows campers access to the river and beach without having to cross the tracks in the foreground. 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Cape Ann Cannonball

The Cape Ann Cannonball is a single coach providing passenger service attached to train 61/62, the mid-day Kenton Turn as it switches customers between Davis and Kenton. 

The Cannonball departs Davis Yard daily at noon, with stops* at Maris, Hammond, Cape Ann, and Glen Cove; arriving at Kenton generally around 2:00 PM. It then reverses direction, making the same stops, before returning to Davis generally by 4:30 PM. This is provided as a mid-day transportation option during the period when only freight traffic is running.

Passengers are advised this is no-frills transportation - there is no power available, no food service, and the only published time is departure from Davis Yard daily at noon. All arrivals down the line will depend on switching needs and may vary widely from day to day. Frequent stops will occur while freight cars are switched at industries along the way. Passengers should inquire at their local station, where the agent can advise expected arrival times.
    While there is no food service on board, the train holds at Kenton where a cafe is available at the station and several takeout options are nearby.

    *all stops on the Cannonball are considered flag stops. Train may not stop unless passengers are boarding or departing.