Sunday, September 23, 2018

Scenes from The Acadian

The Acadian rolls to a stop at Kenton, busiest station on the system. Amtrak 680 is right behind it. 

There is a lot of waving when The Acadian stops with one of its domes aligned with the stationary dome of The Kentonian restaurant (background).

Dome riders get to peek in the second floor windows of the Cape Ann's Kenton office building.

Cabs line up in anticipation of The Acadian's arrival at Cape Ann station.

Now heading north from Cascade, The Acadian opens up for a long, straight run to Pamola and points north.

Amtrak's Downeaster is in the hole for the meet with The Acadian, which running upgrade, has priority here.

Pamola Tower gives a green signal to The Acadian as it passes the tower. Yellow train order signal at tower indicates "Proceed - no orders".