Thursday, November 22, 2018

Work train

In between operation sessions, the work train comes out for routine track maintenance. We caught it passing through Glen Cove.

GP-20 912

GP-20 912 leads. This loco is permanently assigned to MoW service, and carries a 900 series road number to designate non-revenue equipment. It's old and dirty, but it always starts - which was the primary requirement. This is a Tyco.

Ballast car 977

Ballast car 977 is next. Most MoW cars are painted grey - but not always.

Loader car 947

Loader car 947 is next. This is a boxcar which has been cut down and fitted with a rollup door to provide a secure garage for the loader. We drove it out a little for the photo. The car also carries the loading ramps.The boxcar is an old Varney. The loader is a Matchbox skid-steer. The ramps are window frames salvaged from a junk O-scale structure.

Weed sprayer 957

Weed sprayer 957 is used to spray questionable chemicals on those troublesome vegetation spots. There is a swing-out spray arm on each side, operated from the cupola. The tank end of this car must face forward, so the operator can maneuver the spray arms around any obstructions. Taking out a block signal is frowned upon. This is a former track cleaning car with the pad removed, and the tank filled with BB's for weight. The arms were taken from a diecast irrigation vehicle.

Bringing up the rear is the section work car. This has a 20' container for tools and supplies, and a caboose body for the crew to ride in and take their breaks. This car must be hauled on the rear of the train, with the container end last, due to the clearance needed to open the container doors and access the inside.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Seacoast Line interchange

Seacoast Line 412 has arrived to pickup the afternoon northbound interchange traffic. It has dropped the caboose on the main, and backed into Pamola siding to grab the long cut of cars.

After connecting, it pulls forward to clear the siding, then backs up to grab the caboose. Then it's off northbound.