Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pemco SD35 #950

Here is a Pemco SD35 which keeps its original Burlington Northern road number 950. The number happened to fit the numbering scheme: 900's are all non-revenue, and this will be assigned to heavy work trains. Also all even numbers are powered units.

So all that remained was some patch paint and a Cape Ann logo.

GP18AA #600

Here is a fantasy GP-18AA, made from two AHM GP-18 shells spliced onto one unmodified chassis. Now it is put to work as a double ended yard switcher.

New Conrail power: 2107 and 3976

Two eBay finds: Both Life-Life GP38-2 units. One was Conrail 7940, which has been renumbered to 3976. The other was a Santa Fe, which has been repainted for a patched Penn Central 2107. 

Both units are only 2-axle power pickup. Since the layout's turnout frogs are not powered, this can lead to stalls. So these two units are now permanently wired together in parallel to share electrical pickups. Now they are immune to stalls.